Where you can downloading Linux server on the web

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Where you can downloading Linux server on the web

Ubuntu server 17.04 returns in a remake based on linux kernel. The famous distribution, with no user interface, integrates openstack 2015.1 in its release candidate version, the final 2015 version is coming soon thanks to an update.

Compared to the other versions, the ubuntu distributions with lts (long term support) guarantee security updates for five years after the bone spill.

Perhaps, with ubuntu 16 lts, updates will be offered until April 2021, which ensures durability for enterprise servers and serenity for system administrators who do not wish to update the server operating system every year.

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The apache http server enjoys an indisputable notoriety in the world of Internet with more than 60% of the public http servers in the world. This success is partly due to its free, as well as its robustness and scalability. Apache is also a platform of choice for an intranet, and is widely used in universities and schools.

Apache http server contains the source and binary language of the apache web server for unix/linux systems. This software supports dspo (dynamic shared objects) which allows loading services during execution. The distribution is in the form of source files that it is necessary to compile to get the server executable.






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Publiée par Ubuntu sur Mercredi 16 septembre 2020

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Ubuntu ( pronunciation: /u. Bun. Tu/, in English: [ʊˈbʊntuː] ) is a gnu/linux operating system based on the linux debian distribution. It is produced, marketed and maintained for desktop, server and core computers by the canonical company. Ubuntu is defined as “a ös consumed by many pc’s on the globe “5 and with a “simple, intuitive, and secure” interface.

It is the most consulted distribution on the net according to the alexa portal7 , and the most used ös on cloud systems and computer servers8. Ubuntu is divided into two versions: the main stable version called lts. A remake is released every two years, security support and updates are provided for five years9. The latest version 20.04, codename “focal fossa”, was released on April 23, 2020. It is the version recommended on the canonical web portal for the general public. The secondary version.

A new update is released every 6 months and security and update support is provided for 9 months. The penultimate version is 19.04, codename “disco dingo “10 which was released on April 16, 201911 and the latest version is 19.10, codename “eoan ermine” which was released on October 17, 2019. This is the version recommended on the canonical web portal for those who wish to benefit from the latest news.

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